It’s the little things

September was officially flyer month at Casa de Idezin. Although I normally don’t gloat about small projects, these were enjoyable enough that I decided to share. Flyers below were used for email and social media promotion for various bars/lounges under my client, CIRCA 93.


Image bottom/right, courtesy of my dear friend Will Wright’s Instagram feed (how’s that for resourceful?)


The Association is in downtown LA so I gave this set an urban vibe. But it can be tricky to search “urban” in stock photos as that has a couple of meanings in terms of today’s marketing. Image bottom/left, again courtesy of Will Wright (I guess I owe him dinner or something.)


This final series for Barcopa might just be my favorite. The best part: A client—in this case a DJ—who doesn’t ask questions like, why did you choose a weird fan for my flyer??

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