If I had a Twitter feed

I’m rather pleased with my 2015 pumpkins. Bottom pumpkin design courtesy of the talented Phil Scroggs.

IF I had a twitter feed

I have always loved Jonathan Franzen, but I love him all the more for walking out on an interview with Michael Silverblatt…twice.

If I had a Twitter feed

I am indeed making my way through the 2015 Project List…And thus proffer a photo from last weekend, almost at the top of Mt. Baldy…huff, puff.

relaxing risotto

For some reason, I find it relaxing to top off a really busy week by trying out a new (and damn good) risotto recipe.

If I had a twitter feed

When Marketplace.org calls, I wish “Cristina the Articulate Designer” would come to the party.

If I had a twitter feed

Pretend Twitter post #2: All of my bad design days pretty much boil down to: square peg, round hole.

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