It turns out that I’m famous

No, not really. But I started seeing a logo I designed plastered (literally) on every Delta plane I boarded which made me realize this was probably my highest visibility design to date. Funny thing is, I’m not sure I charged Travel Weekly for this—I hated their old Readers Choice logo so much that I created a new one that wouldn’t uglify my invitation and ad campaign. But it was a good call. The logo that this replaced didn’t even incorporate the actual Travel Weekly logo. The purpose of being an... Read The Rest →

A 2015 Project list

I’m long since past making a singular New Year’s resolution. These grand proclamations are usually decided in an artificially powerful mindset (champagne) on New Year’s Eve. Nowadays I set a modest list of goals and projects to, well, at least consider all year that don’t involve absolute denial of vice or unsustainable fitness regimes. And then I wait two weeks into the new year to actually list them: 1. Upgrade my work-at-home wardrobe to be respectable enough to answer the door for UPS. 2. Pickle something. Radishes maybe. 3. Officially... Read The Rest →

If I had a twitter feed

When calls, I wish “Cristina the Articulate Designer” would come to the party.

It’s the little things

September was officially flyer month at Casa de Idezin. Although I normally don’t gloat about small projects, these were enjoyable enough that I decided to share. Flyers below were used for email and social media promotion for various bars/lounges under my client, CIRCA 93. Image bottom/right, courtesy of my dear friend Will Wright’s Instagram feed (how’s that for resourceful?)     The Association is in downtown LA so I gave this set an urban vibe. But it can be tricky to search “urban” in stock photos as that has a... Read The Rest →

If I had a twitter feed

Pretend Twitter post #2: All of my bad design days pretty much boil down to: square peg, round hole.

How you live changes your brain: Iceland

Milton Glaser is truly my hero. Not only is he a genius designer but an extremely intelligent, articulate and outspoken communicator with a wry sense of humor. I won’t compare myself to him. I just wish I were him. In 2001, I read a speech he gave which has since become my bible (more on that later). One of his lessons for aspiring designers (and no matter what your age or experience, you are still aspiring): How you live changes your brain. A fair interpretation of that might be, You’re... Read The Rest →

Bi-coastal design

I’m pleased to have been working with Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club in New York City for three years now. This year, I took over design for the entire Decorator Show House, their largest fundraiser of the year. The event is quite extraordinary as it’s really a season of events, kicking off with a black-tie dinner, followed by a pre-renovation party and then opening night celebration. Throughout the month-long run of the Show House, they hold lectures, kitchen demonstrations—etc etc etc—and finally a closing night celebration. This year was... Read The Rest →

If I had a twitter feed

My friend tells me that my (personal) anti-social media attitude is not going to fly for much longer. Her advice: Facebook is for moms but Twitter is for cool kids. And how will anyone ever find my blog if I don’t promote it with my Twitter feed? Well, I’m not sure if I actually want anyone to read this (because ANTI-MARKETING is reserved for the really really cool kids) so let’s just play pretend. Here’s my first tweet: In the general spirit of self improvement this summer, I am limiting... Read The Rest →

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