You might say I’ve been a graphic designer since birth. I was definitely the only kid on the block who spent their spare time tracing fonts from old Dover books. My first professional gig was to design the program cover for my elementary school’s talent show back in Atlanta, GA. That was fourth grade.

I made a beeline toward a BFA in Graphic Design and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Georgia. Nowadays, as I drive about Los Angeles, I use the billboards to distract me from the traffic and test my font identification (Avenir? Nope, it’s Gotham). It’s true; I often dream in Adobe. I’ve watched every episode of Mad Men…thrice.

Does that make me sound one dimensional? I’m not. I’m actually interested in everything and anything, which makes me a more passionate and dynamic designer. When I’m not in front of my computer, you might find me listening in rapt attention to NPR’s Marketplace, reading up on esoteric geography, talking to my tomato plants, baking something interesting, or hiking and skiing somewhere (and everywhere) in the West.

Throughout the years, many people have encouraged me to specialize in one type of design. I didn’t set out to ignore them but I have, which is why you’ll see a bit of everything in my portfolio, from styles to mediums. When a job goes beyond what one person can do, I make a call to my team, be it fellow designers, photographers, illustrators, web developers and writers. The net result is inspired design plus value for my clients, and valued clients plus personal connections for me.

I’m exceptionally privileged to do what I love for a living. We all gotta eat but the feast sure is tasty when it’s fed by the diverse and eclectic clientele I work with, and for.

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