A Simple Job

About a year ago, I got an email from a very good client with a design request of the more personal nature: “I recently got engaged! I know, super exciting!! I need thank you card…something very simple, an emblem to go at the bottom right corner of either a 5×5 card or a 5.5 x 4.5 card. See the link below for inspiration. I like the idea of the heart. The 2 letters will be Y + J.” {link to standard elegant wedding faire: letter + letter, inscribed into heart} “Does... Read The Rest →

There’s a Monkey in my Yogurt

Putting together a website after nine years of self-promotion dormancy is really quite monumental. It requires culling (gulp) 14 years’ worth of work, some of which is so old that you can’t even open the files anymore (ah, good ol’ QuarkXPress). It’s also a little bit of a head trip…you revisit something you had in mind as a great accomplishment only to find that it’s not outstanding at all. Or, like an old dress, it really just doesn’t fit anymore. The next thing you know, it’s midnight. On occasion, you... Read The Rest →

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