It turns out that I’m famous

No, not really. But I started seeing a logo I designed plastered (literally) on every Delta plane I boarded which made me realize this was probably my highest visibility design to date. Funny thing is, I’m not sure I charged Travel Weekly for this—I hated their old Readers Choice logo so much that I created a new one that wouldn’t uglify my invitation and ad campaign. But it was a good call. The logo that this replaced didn’t even incorporate the actual Travel Weekly logo. The purpose of being an... Read The Rest →

It’s the little things

September was officially flyer month at Casa de Idezin. Although I normally don’t gloat about small projects, these were enjoyable enough that I decided to share. Flyers below were used for email and social media promotion for various bars/lounges under my client, CIRCA 93. Image bottom/right, courtesy of my dear friend Will Wright’s Instagram feed (how’s that for resourceful?)     The Association is in downtown LA so I gave this set an urban vibe. But it can be tricky to search “urban” in stock photos as that has a... Read The Rest →

Bi-coastal design

I’m pleased to have been working with Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club in New York City for three years now. This year, I took over design for the entire Decorator Show House, their largest fundraiser of the year. The event is quite extraordinary as it’s really a season of events, kicking off with a black-tie dinner, followed by a pre-renovation party and then opening night celebration. Throughout the month-long run of the Show House, they hold lectures, kitchen demonstrations—etc etc etc—and finally a closing night celebration. This year was... Read The Rest →

I do not have beefy man arms

For years, I resisted putting a single personal photo anywhere on the web. I’m not sure why, really. A year or so ago, a colleague mentioned that there was no photo of me on my website but there was a photo of a beefy man arm…wasn’t I worried that people might think that was me? That made me laugh for a while. Yah, everybody! That’s why I haven’t joined Facebook. I’m hiding my beefy, hairy man arms. So, just to quelch any rumors that may have arisen from my infrequently... Read The Rest →

A Simple Job

About a year ago, I got an email from a very good client with a design request of the more personal nature: “I recently got engaged! I know, super exciting!! I need thank you card…something very simple, an emblem to go at the bottom right corner of either a 5×5 card or a 5.5 x 4.5 card. See the link below for inspiration. I like the idea of the heart. The 2 letters will be Y + J.” {link to standard elegant wedding faire: letter + letter, inscribed into heart} “Does... Read The Rest →

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